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Diamond Microdermabrasion Device for Face Peeling Skin Lifting Tighten Wrinkle, with Water Spray

In daily life, women are more likely to try various methods to prevent skin from dehydration by using a pile of skin care products like face mask, toner or essence lotion. However, many skin problems, like spot and acne,still emerge. Why? That is because skin pores are clogged by dirty things which fail skin to absorb skin care nutrition. Now with this device, you are going to clean your skin completely, addressing skin problems like acne, wrinkles.

The exfoliation head mounted on the exfoliation pen comes with inlaid crystallite particles which is effective in removing dead skin and promoting skin metabolism. The exfoliation is a non-invasive way of skin care method which is safe and effective in addressing skin problems like acne, large pores and fine wrinkles.
The diameter of skin pore is about 0.02--0.05mm which is easy for water molecule to enter in. With the help of the spraying function, the water molecules can be divided into smaller particles with diameters 0.3--0.5um(about 0.0003--0.0005mm) to help skin absorb in skin care nutrition and balance water intake for skin.
The spraying apparatus mounted on the device is designed to "process" the liquid through it.Specifically, this spraying apparatus can vaporize the liquid through it to make the particles of theliquid to be more effectively absorbed by skin.

1. please place this device stably in a dry working environment and meanwhile make sure the heat emission holes can ventilate heat without blocking.
2. Connect the spraying gun, exfoliation head and exfoliation pen rightly.
3. Connect the device to power and plug the device.
4. Press the red switch button on the back of the device.
5. After 30 minutes continuous working, pause the device for 20--30 minutes before second time using.
6. Adjust the device's working intensity to a proper degree according to client's condition.
7.After use, please switch off the device and unplug the device.

1 .this device belong to sophisticated category which requires extra maintenance to extend the durability.
2. Move this device with care in case any damages to the device.
3. After device using, please clean this device carefully and keep it properly for the next time use.
4. People who have wounds on skin are advised not to use.
5. Keep face moisturized and stay away from strong sunlight.
6. Do not wash face with hot water (above 30°°C)in three days after treatment.

Use Prohibited
1. Device cable is overheat.
2.The plug becomes bent.
3.The plug does not connect tightly.
4. Do not unplug the device during device in working.
5. Power cable of other device can not be used as a alternative for this device.
6. Put this device in places where unreachable for kids.
7. Cleaning with chemical liquids prohibited.
8. Unplug device by wet hands prohibited.
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Diamond Microdermabrasion Device for Face Peeling Skin Lifting Tighten Wrinkle, with Water Spray
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