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Mini 3in1 RF Beauty Device Rejuvenation Lifting Wrinkle Removal Skin Tightening for Face Eye Skin

In order to develop the device's effects better and provide better service for you,we sincerely suggest: please carefully read the manual and save it for future reference.Please install,use and operate according to manual.
1. Power on,the default working time is 30 minutes(automatically stop if time is up,you need to restart if want to continue to use),it is tripolar output for default.
2. Long press ON/OFF key 3 seconds and enter into background,transfer tripolar and sextupole function output.
3. Long press ON/OFF key 3 seconds,the fifth indicator light flashes 6 times,then enter into sextupole probe(body) RF input intensity range.Transfer to tripolar(face),it needs to long press ON/OFF key 3 seconds,then the third indicator light flashes 6 times.
4. Before using the device,you must smear enough stock solution/essence into face/body,add the comfort.
5. Device intensity vary with each individual,you must use it from smallest level.
6. When the skin care product not use more,you need to massage by hand until the product being totally absorbed.
7. lf not use machine,please power off it.Otherwise the probe continue to work and will damage it.
8. You need to clean the dirty of stainless steel's groove in case of getting stuck or poor contact,causing RF without output.

1, lnstant skin tightening effect, It takes use of dermis collagen at 60- 70°C will generate instant shrinking.Make the loose skin feel lifting and tightening effects after treatment.
2. Long lasting regeneration effect is in 2-6 months after treatment,stimulated dermis recovery tightening and elasticity,wrinkles becomes from deep to shallow then gradually.

accurate treatment
Fully digital,control RF energy value,release speed,impedance detection and so on.Let the operation can be different according to individual skin and do the accurate treatment,and skin infrared temperature sensing system is available,instantaneously feel temperature, make the treatment be more safe and effective.

obvious treatment effect
As the short treatment time,long-time stimulate dermis collagen regeneration,deep treatment,obvious skin tightening effect,lasting time is longer.

safe and non-invasive
Non-invasive,non-surgical,operation do not need anesthesia,skin without recovery period.At the same time,it doesn't affect people normal lift and rest.

easy and quick
Do not need to do surgery,just need electric wave scanning,only need tens of minutes.Do not need to be hospitalized, not influence working.It is a good wrinkle removal method of noon break.

How it works
RF skin softening anti-aging device is a noninvasive beauty method which can replace surgery lifting,it is asafe,no side effect,no need to stop working,single course beauty treatment method.This treatment system is characteristic .Not only it has instant skin firming
effect,also can achieve the effect of prompting collagen long-lasting regeneration effect.Skin with elasticity,the main reason is skin dermis collagen fiber forming skin frame.Along with the aging of people,busy and tried working,skin collagen secretion decrease,then soft skin begin to be loose,dry and appear wrinkles such problem. Therefore,in order to keep young skin,you must increase collagen.

1. Put the device on flat ground in order to the air flow of exit and entry.(but not advice to put on blanket).
2. Totally plug the handle power line into handle.
3. Plug the power line into the end of the adapter.
4. Smear 2-3mm get on treatment area,pat 2-3 times to help absorption and adjust the device.
5. After finishing the energy level setting,operate according to the above pictures.During the operating,if the get be dry and handle moving not smooth,then smear gel again to operate.
6. Slowly move handle,operate according to above pictures.Do not stay the probe on same treatment area over 2-3 seconds.When the handle probe not touch the aimed area,indicator light turn green.If have signal voice.
7. After -finishing gel smearing area treatment,do other area treatment according to the methods before.
8. After the operation,wipe off treated area gel,then wipe off residual gel on handle and electrode by cloth or tissue.
9. After operation,smear some essence or latex to improve skin,we suggest you smear sun cream when going out.

operating methods
Operation method 1: fat dissolution by RFdissolution probe,start from breast and groin,breast by the circle way,groin by oblique pulling.As the picture A show.
Operation method 2: as the navel for center,do small circle from inside to outside to dissolve fat.As the picture B show. 
Operation method 3: obliquely pull waist fat,flnally pull to groin.Make the fatty acid be expelled by lymph.As the picture C show. 
Operation method 4: obliquely pull fat below rib to groin,then return back to rib,operate again and again.As the picture D show.

The device put on flat ground to sure device base air exit to be normal heat dissipation.
1. Connect the handle.
2. Plug into power line.
3. Switch to choose to ON.
4. Treatment area apply 1 mm specialized cream,choose the suitable energy level.
5. After choosing the energy level,operate according to picture operation methods.During operation,the cream will be dry and the handle won't be smooth.Then smear cream again.
7. Operation skill,pelase slowly move according to picture.
8. After treatment,wipe off cream,including the handle and electrode.
9. After treatment,using essence or moisturizing face cream will have better effect.Smear sun cream if go out after treatment.

Handle using attention matters

1. When use handle,in order to electrode plate totally touch skin,keep the plate is vertical withskin.
2. When handle touch the skin,lightly slide without force. Please pause the device when handle leave skin. lf handle electrode plate surface has damage,it will affect function.Please do not use damaged plate,if damaged,please contact seller to buy new one.

Main safety matters
1) Do not put on light direct place and high temperature place.
2) Please far away from the moist place.
3) Please avoid impacting by external forces,do not fall on the ground when us the handle.
4) Do not continuously use the device for long time(2 hours).you'd better stop 15 minutes after the device working 30 minutes.
5) When do the face treatment,please pay attention to avoid eyes.
6) Please do not let children touch the device.
7) Please do not tear down the device by yourself.
8) If tear down yourself can not guarantee free repair.

Attention matters after treatment
Please strengthen moisture and sun blocking.
1. Please do not use hot water to clean face within 3 days(warm water can use).
2. Please do not take hot spring within 3 days.
3. lt is normal that the skin will be dry after attention to moisturize,we advice toapply face mask 3 times one week.
*The device totally is ideal,won't damage skin after operation,because do not need to do invasive operation during treatment,so it won't have obvious pain feeling.It needn't recovery period,you can immediately have normal work and lift after treatment.This point is a important reason that ladies love this device.
*Expert's advice:after treatment,treatment area instantly feel obvious shrinking,can see firming and lifting effect after one month around and the effects will be more obvious.The effects is different according to treatment area and individual maintain way,usually can keep 2-3 years(time is different for maintain way).The latest study show,it can achieve better effect by several times treatment,we advice that operate again after 3-6 months.
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Mini 3in1 RF Beauty Device Rejuvenation Lifting Wrinkle Removal Skin Tightening for Face Eye Skin
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